Resolve the intricacies of identity and brand within the context of your business and identify the critical elements of both. Create the right user experience, shape perception, and tell a story that resonates with your customers and stakeholders.

identity analysis

Assess how cohesive, functional, and aligned your identity is. CMD consultants will analyse your existing corporate identity to find out how effectively it is established, how well it communicates your brand vision, and how useable it is. We will provide a report detailing the current state of your identity, risks, and recommendations.

brand analysis

Because brands are fundamentally reputational and defined by customer and stakeholder experience, a company's brand vision and definition may not be aligned with its actual brand reality or it's corporate identity. We can help you understand how well aligned your brand vision and definition is to stakeholder expectations and to your corporate identity.

identity development

Is it time to evolve your existing corporate identity? Do you need to develop a new identity from the ground up? We take the time to understand your operational requirements and brand definition in order to deliver an effective, cohesive identity package that envelops and permeates your business.

brand development

CMD Consultants can help you build a concise and intuitive brand definition that aligns to current identity standards or forms the basis of a new or evolved identity. We will engage with you to identify the values, vision, and beliefs that underpin your brand and develop an intuitive, aligned, and highly usable brand architecture.


We have the corporate experience to see through complex organizational dynamics and help you improve the quality and efficiency of your communications. Our support integrates seamlessly into existing identity and brand infrastructure, and we can work with and alongside client teams.

communications analysis

Identify and resolve how information is flowing through your organization. As companies grow and become more complex internal communications can break down and become costly and inefficient. We provide communications maps that find bottlenecks, redundancies, inefficiencies, and gaps throughout the communications infrastructure.

communications planning

Take control of your communications efforts with a comprehensive communications plan aligned to your business and marketing strategy. We understand from experience that effective communications plans need to account for both the initial execution effort and the long-term maintenance requirements.

campaigns & engagement

Develop engaging and relevant campaigns aligned to your strategic corporate communications objectives and available resources. We can also help you develop specific content over a wide variety of channels to support focused communications efforts, both internally and externally.

messaging & support

From press releases and social media feeds to internal emails, we can help you create effective messaging that resonates with your audience. We offer a wide range of corporate communications support including presentations, ghost-writing, scripting, announcements and content creation for internal and external use.


Create promotional materials with succinct and cohesive messaging coupled with dynamic visuals that grab attention. From complete promotional toolkits to focused support for proposals and pursuits, we use our creativity and technical skill to identify, promote, and differentiate offerings and brands.

marketing plans

Marketing efforts can quickly become a costly web of ineffective activity. CMD consultants works with clients to understand their business model, sales strategy, and available resources to create a marketing strategy that is effective and focused on optimising their return-on-investment. We map activities and workflows across available channels to create an intuitive, informative, and reliable business tool.

marketing materials

From brochures, signage, and promotional materials to presentations and displays we have the technical and creative resources to create engaging, innovative, and memorable materials across a wide range of media. Our expertise ensures alignment with your identity standards and delivers effective storytelling to empower your brand.

proposals & pursuits

Define your value proposition and create peruasive arguments with materials that enlighten your target audience. From complete executive summaries to specific proposal components, our experience in supporting high-level pursuits and proposals provides a critical edge.

advertising & campaigns

Support your strategic objectives with effective advertising materials and campaigns. Develop creative and engaging content over a range of channels and media, from editorial and op-ed campaigns to display advertising.


Simplify and optimize your creative and content production workflows to improve operational efficiency and get the most out of your content management systems. We are technology agnostic and focus on identifying solutions based on our client's needs and their budgets.

workflow analysis

Content production workflows often break down or fragment, leading to ineffective use of CMS and atrophied content production pipelines. CMD consultants can analyse your CMS and marketing/communications workflows to identify problems and provide a visual representation of how your people collect and produce content.

CMS analysis

Get the CMS solution you need. Choosing the right CMS can be crucial to the success of your content marketing and management efforts. We can provide you with an unbiased assessment of available options based on your requirements, resources, and budget. Our analysis includes a comparative analysis and recommendations on selection and implementation.

CMS implementation

Launch your CMS with confidence. CMD Consultants can help you deploy a CMS solution in your business by ensuring that the CMS is configured properly, all the support requirements and infrastructure are in place, and that users and stakeholders are prepared.

workflow design

Control costs and maintain your content production at the levels your CMS requires. Our experience lets us design workflows based on your operational and functional dynamics. Proper content production workflows reduce risks, provide proper governance and improve the efficiency and quality of content.


Get the digital identity you want and the tools you need. CMD Consultants can help you develop applications and content management tools based on in-house resources or off-the-shelf products. We can also develop customized applications based on a range of data platforms.

website development

Build a website to be proud of. Connect with your customers and stakeholders with a modern website that is both responsive and intuitive. CMD Consultants provides full web development services. We start by framing strategy and objectives and progress through to user experience (UX), user interface (UI), and content development.

intranet development

Avoid frustration and provide staff with a useful toolkit that can get your business operating smoothly. We can help you identify and implement a new intranet solution, or work with you to evolve an existing intranet. A good intranet improves engagement and is a valuable asset that supports operational workflows and internal communications.

application development

Turbocharge your website or intranet and leverage internal resources to their full potential. We can develop customized applications in a variety of platforms, ranging from MS Access to PHP and other database languages. Applications can be built to support everything from internal project management to promotional content production.

content production

Grab your audience's attention and keep them engaged with a meaningful and memorable experience. We help clients develop informative and engaging content for customers and stakeholders. Our services range from graphic production of infographics and visual elements through to messaging and writing copy.


Make a visual and emotional impact, empower your storytelling, and take your marketing to the next level. Our professionals have a wide range of proven experience across many industries and clients. We can work independently or we can provide added support to a client's project by working as part of their team.

creative direction

Focus creativity to effectively express your message and improve the development of creative projects as well as pursuit and sales materials. We specialize in working with client teams and resources, from graphic designers to proposal teams, marketing coordinators, marketing managers, and communications staff.


Create intuitive visual guides to express concepts, communicate specific information, and shape interpretation of data. From user guides to conceptual illustrations, we have the experience to understand our client's requirements and the creativity to visually express the information in a manner consistent with their identity standards or aesthetic objectives.

technical illustration

A picture is worth a thousand words. Turn dull reports into engaging documents, dry presentations into immersive experiences, and bland displays into memorable crowd-stoppers. From photographic renderings to product schematics, we can develop a wide range of technical illustrations in an array of formats.


Use iconic images to anchor your brand, drive campaigns, and capture attention. CMD Consultants has extensive experience in the sourcing and production of imagery for a wide range of applications. Our people are experienced commercial photographers, and we work with a number of industry professionals to offer a complete suite of photographic and video production services.