About Us

"Good enough is not good enough. Our clients, peers, and families deserve our best effort."

Our company is comprised of a core group of communications specialists, designers, web developers and IT experts that have spent decades working in the fields of communications, marketing, and design. We share a philosphy of pragmatism and focused services centered on the objectives of our clients. It has been our experience that clients looking for solutions in creative and communications services often encounter challenges in finding reliable, focused support that can deliver consitency and quality in a professional and engaged manner. Our core team understands these challenges... this common understanding and a shared philosophy is what brings us together. We enjoy what we do and take pride in the quality of our work. Our goal is to help our clients further their enterprise through fulfilling working relationships that add value.

CMD Consultants also engages an array of proven specialists that support the delivery of our services and allow us to achieve the quality and innovation that we demand. All our contractors are aligned with our values and work to put the needs of our clients first. They are trusted and valued members of our team that have shown themselves to be reliable, skilled professionals.

Richard Malinek"The subjective nature of communications and creative services can be challenging. The convergence and evolution of various technologies combined with constantly growing range of specialist services in the communications and marketing industry can make it difficult for companies and individuals to find what they need and maintain control of their budgets. Our clients trust us to work in their best interests and we've proven the value of our services over countless initiatives. For us, the fulfillment we take from the creative process is matched by the satisfaction we feel when our clients are happy with the solutions we deliver."


Jim Burt"Clients ranging in size from proprietorships to corporations working in enterprise level environments can find themselves lost in a sea of mismatched technology that makes communications and marketing difficult and expensive. This is often compounded by support systems more interested in selling prepackaged services than efficiently resolving problems. Communications and marketing workflows are dependant on how clients select and deploy information technology, and our technology-agnostic approach allows us to focus on effectively supporting our clients."